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What is the Redondo Beach Virtual Learning Program (RBVLP)?


RBVLP - Redondo Beach Virtual Learning Program - the RBUSD student learns primarily at home through APEX (Grades 6-12) with limited, live teacher instruction/support. Important Note: RBVLP will not be offered at the elementary level during the 23-24 school year. 


The RBUSD 23-24 school year begins on August 16, 2023 for in-person instruction at all school sites. However, per California Assembly Bill 130 (AB 130), this message serves to inform you that the optional RBVLP, for students/families with unique circumstances, will continue into 23-24.


To express interest in your child’s enrollment in RBVLP, please contact us after reading the following information. 


For current and prospective RBVLP students and families, please consider the following aspects of the program prior to committing to RBVLP for the 23-24 school year:

  • RBVLP is designed for independent, on/or above grade level students. Students must be highly-organized, communicative, and self-motivated 
  • RBVLP is not a credit recovery program. For questions about credit recovery, for students 16 and above, please contact your counselor and reach out to our RBUSD alternative education team at 310-798-8690
  • RBVLP is not for Home Hospital Instruction (HHI) or short-term independent study. All RBVLP courses are semester long; therefore, enrollments must occur at or near the beginning of each semester
  • RBVLP students are expected to log at least six hours of time, each day, on our APEX platform
  • RBVLP students/families must reside and stay in Redondo Beach (CA Ed Code and RBUSD Board Policy) or have an inter-district permit. For RBUSD permit information, please go here
  • RBVLP students will need to take certain APEX assessments in person (typically end of unit and course tests)  


The two most important aspects of AB 130 and RBVLP are consistent participation and work completion. As a friendly reminder, AB 130 states that districts must maintain written agreements that measure the level of satisfactory educational progress that would trigger an evaluation of whether or not the pupil should be allowed to continue in RBVLP. Unsatisfactory attendance and/or progress will result in a return to on-campus instruction. 


For further questions regarding enrollment in RBVLP, please contact our RBVLP registrar, Ms. Corie Thompson, at [email protected]. Please include your child’s name, current school and grade level (for 23-24), and your contact information (phone number). 


RBVLP enrollment will not occur until a required RBVLP written agreement is completed by the student, family, and our staff. Please continue to attend your assigned, in-person school site until your RBVLP enrollment is approved.


We sincerely appreciate your time and attention.

Mr. Jens Brandt
RBUSD Principal of Alternative Education and Director of Instructional Support