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Independent Study Program

Redondo Beach Independent Study

What is Independent Study?

Independent Study Program (ISP)

Independent Study is guided by a teacher through an online curriculum called Acellus. The student should be able to demonstrate the motivation, commitment, organizational skills, and academic skills to work independently. In order to be considered for enrollment into the Independent Study Program, an intake meeting is scheduled with the RUHS counselor and the principal of alternative education. A review of the student's academic records, behavior and attendance will determine if Independent Study is an appropriate educational option.

Independent study is available to minors and adults. Independent study is designed to help students who have health problems, are parents, are gifted, are working, or who find that regular classroom settings do not meet their needs. Students should not be credit deficient, or have attendance or behavior problems to be considered.

ISP Attendance and Completion of Homework

Students, you must do the following to keep on track:


  • Attend class every week at the scheduled appointment time. (No excused absences in Independent Study)
  • Please be considerate. If you are 15 minutes late to any scheduled appointment you will be required to reschedule with the Independent Study teacher.

-If for some reason, you miss your scheduled appointment, you must contact your instructor immediately. If you are under 18-years old, your parent or guardian must contact your instructor to explain the absence.

-I also understand that absences could jeopardize my chances to graduate on time or return to the high school.

  • Complete all assigned on-site lessons for the week. Mandatory 1 hour per week of onsite lessons per core class enrolled in.  Currently, workshop hours to complete on-site lessons are held on Tuesday and Thursday, 3:05 - 4:05 PM and 4:05 - 5:05 PM.  In addition, students are expected to work a minimum of 20 hours per week at home. 


-Progress towards course completion can be viewed by the classroom teacher online. Parents also have the ability to monitor their student's progress online. Students must meet during the scheduled appointment time for a minimum of one hour with the Independent Study teacher to review progress, complete coursework and take all exams while instructor is present. 

-Failure to attend all meetings with the Independent Study teacher and all scheduled on-site lessons may jeopardize your chances to receive a grade for the course, graduate on time, or return to the high school the following school year.

  • All work must be turned in and tests must be taken no later than 2 weeks prior to graduating. This allows more time for make-up work or tests.
  • There will be NO back dating of credit i.e. P.E., work experience and homework assignments turned in the next school year and credited the previous school year. To receive credit, all homework assignments/materials must be completed and turned in to your teacher during the current school year.

  NOTE - Not all ISP course offerings meet A-G eligibility requirements.  In addition, no ISP courses are accepted or approved by the NCAA.