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Scholarship Opportunities


Scholarship Name

Estimated Amount


Mc Millen


2 @ 250.00

Amount varies according to funds available

(Selected by school staff out of participants from Thelma Group)

High academic achievement:

All around outstanding student, based on donation from past student.

Senior portfolio required to apply.

Redondo Beach Coordinating Council



(Selected by school staff out of senior student of the month/same student as student of the year)

Student of the Year, Luncheon Shores Representative, has strong future goals, accomplished things in and out of school, has demonstrated leadership on campus.

Senior portfolio required to apply.

Schools First Credit Union


1 @ 300.00

(Selected by school staff)

Student who displays overall great citizenship, moral character and high academic achievement and plans to attend college, military or trade school.

Donna Paulson Memorial Fund-PEO

1 at $500.00






Selected by PEO out of all qualified applicants

Student who meets the following criteria:

1.     Good moral character

2.     Has the desire and academic ability to attend and complete college or trade school


Application and senior portfolio required to apply

South Bay Administrators


1 at $150.00

Plans to be a teacher or work in a child education related field.


Senior portfolio required to apply.

Foundation of Redondo Beach Arts Scholarship

1 at $500




Selected by FRBA panel

Plans to attend college and pursue a career in the arts.

Application and senior portfolio required to apply.

Patricia Dreizler Tidal Wave

1-2 students, no monetary award, name goes on plaque

Student who exemplifies the ethos of Patricia Dreizler; taking second chance and making the most of it. Displays significant growth personally and academically their senior year.



*Students can search other scholarship opportunities.

Our counselor will alert students as they arise.