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Work Permits

Work permits are a privilege that may be revoked it the following rules are not followed. 

  1. Attendance - No unexcused absences or excessive tardies.
  2. Behavior - Cannot be a distraction, disruptive or defiant in any class.
  3. Credit Completion - Must be at benchmarks and completing work in a timely manner.



Please complete application, have parent sign, and have employer complete. Make sure everything is filled out.

Incomplete forms will not be processed.



Give completed form to Allison Parsons, Administrative Assistant

[email protected]

310-798-8690 ext. 2001



Entertainment Work Permit Application Form

Give completed form to Nelida Espinoza, Registrar/Records

[email protected]

(310) 798-8690 ext. 2202


Work Experience credit can be earned by having a job. 

Please see Mrs. Watts for more information.