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Hello, all. I miss interacting with you on a daily basis, however I know our Dreizler staff are dedicated in leading you toward success. The end to the first quarter is coming quickly, October 30th! Take the time to reflect on what has or has not allowed you to be successful so far.

A couple good questions to ask yourself.

1) Do I want to graduate with my class? 2) Do I know how to access my teacher and assignments virtually? 3) Do I attend my classes consistently? 4) Do I know what to do and what is expected of me? 5) Have I figured out a routine and the necessary individual effort to be successful in each class? 6) Will I complete at least 5 classes by October 30th?

If the answer is “yes” to the above, well done, you are on the correct path towards individual success. If the answer is “no” to any of the above, here are some strategies to guide you in the direction of your purpose and objective as a Dreizler student; learning and receiving a high school diploma!

A. Set long and short term goals either independently or with your Cohort/Mentor lead. B. Check your school email, daily. C. Advocate for yourself. Ask questions if you are unsure what to do or what to do next. All staff are available to assist you during the school day. D. Get out of bed! Seriously, designate a learning environment where you can focus on learning, not sleeping, laying, lounging, “resting”. Be present, faking it will not count. E. Remove distractions! Yes, easier said than done. There are factors you can and cannot control, however you can prepare for the best case scenario. There are an infinite number of excuses, reasons, explanations, etc., for being distracted. And by the way, if you are exhibiting distracting behaviors, most likely you are negatively impacting others in your class. But you can control these: a. Be on time. b. Avoid eating while attending class. c. Gaming/texting in class doesn’t mix. d. Avoid having visitors in your video background (pets, friends, parents, siblings, television, etc). It’s your class and your designated academic time/space. Side unrelated conversations and animal playdates can wait. e. Wear appropriate clothing. School dress code is applicable. f. Open the tabs you need on your C-book, only. Having too many tabs open is like juggling multiple items. Focus on the tabs/resources needed to complete your task at hand.

Breakers, as caring educators, we are here for you! Contact us if you have any questions or need assistance. All of our information (staff email, phone numbers, classroom access/schedules, academic and social emotional resources) is posted on our website:​.
Break Ground, Break Molds, Break Cycles

Anthony Bridi Proud Dreizler Principal
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